SmallRig Dropship Program

Dear applicant, welcome to SmallRig Dropship Program! Applicant who are fans of SamllRig product, or who have owned their blog / website / facebook page / Instagram page / Youtube page, or who have been selling products online/offline, or who are wish to start dropship business are welcome to join us as our dropship agent to extend your product range and earn more income!

The SmallRig dropship program is designed to offer full drop ship support to partners who wish to have us deliver products to their consumers. Dropshippers don't have the hassle of carrying inventory. They can focus on marketing and let SmallRig handle logistics.

SmallRig dropship program is simple and reliable
Step 1: You advertise SmallRig products for sale on your channels, eg: online store, physical store, social platform and etc..
Step 2: Your customers purchase items from you and pay you the items price.
Step 3: You, the dropshipper make order at SmallRig De and pay the discounted item price.
Step 4: SmallRig processes order and ships items to your customer.
Step 5: SmallRig emails you the tracking number and you then give it to your customer.
Step 6: Your customer receives the order and you make profits.

What Will You Get Once You Become a SmallRig Dropshipper?
1. Free online store.
2. Investment to start your own business.
3. Free guidance to promote and set up your store.
4. Free IT support.
5. Support of ordering, quality control and shipping.
6. Quick response to your questions.
7. Others we can help.

Benefits to join this program
1. No inventory risk, no minimum order, but margins.
2. Easy business. You Sell We Ship! We help and support you on business operations like store set-up, store promotion, product listing, product selection, product photos, order, quality control, shipping, return of goods etc..
3. Trusted and Reliable partner with high quality products. We are a registered company with 12-year of experience in camera accessories which has a sophisticated supply-chain system and research and development base. 
4. More sales opportunities.
5. Expand your collections.

Product Ranges
Camera Cages
Monitor Cages
QR Pates
Stabilizer Accessories


Do you have a minimum order amount?

How do I place an Order?
All orders can be placed directly at or by email to

How can I pay for my orders?
We accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Wire Transfer.

How long will my customer receive products?
Typically, we will process orders in 1-2 business days. As for the shipping time, it ranges from 2-14 days which really depends on the shipping address. If the shipping address is within European countries, products will be shipped directly from our German warehouse. For other countries, they will be shipped from our factory based in China.

What if there is a return order?
We offer full refund if products were sent wrongly or damaged during shipping. Otherwise, buyers should take the shipping fee themselves once we received the item. For more info, please refer to our shipping policy.

How do I get images and descriptions of the dropshipped products for my website?
SmallRig will provide you with all the images & product descriptions that you will need to sell the product once your application was approved.

How do I know the product will still be in stock by the time I sell it?
We manufacture our own products and have a sophisticated supply chain system. Our inventory turnover ratio is up to 99%, so typically you do not need to worry about it.

What are your business hours?
We are open Mon-Fri: 9 AM-7 PM UTC+8
We are closed Sat.-Sun.
But you can always contact us and we will reply to you once we saw your email.

Do you offer any internet marketing help?
Yes, we do offer internet marketing help. This information is exclusive to dropshipper only. Please ask our sales representative for free material. Besides, our sales representative will be at your side all way around. So if there is any question, you can contact, we will try our best to assist you.

Why Should Somebody Buy from My Store Instead of Buying from the Manufacturer Directly?
Because you have your unique customer base and localization advantage.

Do you have recommended retail price for dropshipper?
Yes, we do! We will send our recommended retail price to each dropshipper in an excel format.

We have everything you need to start your own business and being your own boss with competitive prices in the industry and outstanding customer services. Click SmallRig Dropshipping Application Form to apply and join SmallRig dropship program. We'll support you build your new business.

You can also freely contact us if there are any inquries. Please start your title with Drop shipping.
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